10 questions to ask your agency when ordering industrial website

10 questions to ask your agency when ordering industrial website

Your industrial website is your main sales & marketing tool. It brings new clients to your business and promote you to existing ones. We, at IDM Group, have launched variety of  successful websites for different industrial sectors. This is why, we are happy to share TOP 10 questions you can ask your industrial website developer to be safe and make the most out of your industrial www pages.

1. Do you know how to align new website with current digital marketing strategy and goals?

Whether your goal is to increase your sales or uplift your brand reputation, website development team must help you on your journey. If web agency understands your digital marketing strategy or ready to draft one based on your needs, you can be sure that this team will always make decisions according to your business needs.

  • Ask your agency how to attract your buying persona with a website?
  • What will be the right customer journey to convert more leads into clients?
  • How website can shorten the sales process?
  • And how website will help to accomplish some of digital marketing goals?

2. Do you understand industrial?

Especially with new technologies, good websites can be developed in few hours and minimum investments. Some agencies set high pricing just because they have previously served well-known b2c companies. But to develop a sales solution that attracts, engages, and converts your industrial (sometimes very technical & demanding) audience into your loyal customers, web agency should have a good focus on industrial sectors and previous experience in doing business with different industrial clients, from manufacturers to industrial service providers and distributors.

  • Ask you agency if they understand industrial business?
  • Can they differ manufacturer from distributor? Have they ever heard of OEM?
  • And if they acknowledge what makes industrial firm website differ from b2c web pages such as stores & restaurants?

3. Will you Search Optimize (SEO) our site to help moving us to the top of the Google?

Search Engine Optimization or how Finns call it hakukoneoptimointi is process of improving the quality or quantity of website traffic to a website from search engines, like Google. SEO targets natural traffic rather than PPC when you pay per each click. In Finland, the vast majority of web agencies sell websites without even mentioning SEO or sell it as an additional expensive service. While for some companies is just impossible to develop a website without considering its search performance.


  • Tell you web agency keywords that potential clients might use to find your competitors?
  • Ask how new website will improve your rankings and what will be done to achieve it?

You can also use free SEO audit tools to check if previous works of your web agency were optimized and how.


The visual example of how SEO can help even small and medium companies to overcome giant enterprises is right under. By searching for "UVC Led Solutions" in October 2020, one the first websites in Google ranking is LED Future Oy, young innovative company from Kuopio, Finland. While one of the existing leaders in following industry like Philips is far behind from the Finnish start up.

4. Are you able to present our technical data in the simple and visual way?

Sometimes it is just easier for agency to copy your texts & technical drawings to past on the website without any changes. However, not every user will easily understand technical details by visiting website. Agency should help you to present your even serious engineering data in the simple and engaging way.


  • Ask your agency what ideas they have on simplifying your data?
  • Any illustrations or interactions they might use to make it more engaging?

Copyright: Remu Oy // Example of how difficult technical data can be presented visually appealing and interesting.

5. Will the website be responsive for smartphones & tablets?

In 2015, Google have changed search algorithm to rise search reputation of the responsive websites, as more than half of Google users search via smartphones instead of desktops. This is why, not only responsiveness is important for better user experience across all devices, but also to improve your Search Engine reputation.

  • Ask you agency to show their previous works using tablets and smartphones?
  • Check if content is same visible as on desktop?

Copyright: Vita Workforce Agency Oy // Example of website responsiveness https://www.vitaworkforce.com/

6. What numbers do you promise?

Do not let your agency promise you only good-looking website for high price. List your terms and ask them if they will reach it after confirming it in the contract. Set up minimum SEO audit score (f.e. 80/100), maximum website loading time (max 2 sec), minimum website traffic from Google and other searches, minimum amount of downloads or price inquiries from your website. Ask your agency if they can promise some of it? If yes, then you are dealing with professionals who can prove their words by doing.

Most essential SEO tools in 2020 (Free): Start your SEO with these tools  Tools[Updated]

7. Will our website have an easy-to-manage blog?

Ask your agency how easy will be to modify your future blog? Check if it will be easy to publish any type of content such as videos, images, quotes, downloads, etc. Sometimes, agencies have educational videos on how to use blog or offer a free staff training on website management.

8. How secure and safe will be our website?

Some websites can be valuable to hackers’ attack when some random spam and advertising can be placed on your website without permission.

  • Ask your agency how they guarantee the safety of your website?
  • Where website will be hosted?

Sometimes, websites can be hacked for other reasons. Nowadays, access can be gained even to professionally secured website. The best solution to protect your site is two factor authentication. Ask your agency to supply you one :-)

Two-factor authentication gives your website account an extra layer of security by requiring two authentication items: ① your account password and ② a unique authentication code. The Authenticator app generates a timed, single-use six-digit token every 30 seconds. Any expired code will not authenticate the login.

9. How website will be capturing leads for our sales team?

What if you attract many visitors to your site but your sales do not grow?! This might be a problem of web forms, special parts of the website that capture your leads. Let your visitors leave their emails to download your price list, catalog, presentations, eBooks, etc.  With a steady stream of leads, you can feel secure in the fact that new website is helping your sales people do their jobs and doing your part to help your company grow. Once having captured a good amount of leads, an effective lead qualification process can help your sales reps easily qualify them and close more deals by contacting the right lead at the right time.

  • Ask you developer if they have experience in building download forms?
  • Ask their ideas on how to make download forms look more interesting and engaging?
  • Ask if they have any other ideas on how to get visitors contact details?

10. Will you support and optimize my website further?

Website might need further optimization and support.

  • Ask your team if 1 year of support is included in price and what does it cover?
  • Who will be taking care of registering new website in Google Search Console?
  • How required updates will be managed?
  • Does agency take responsibility if something happens to your website?

What's next?

We wish your industrial website success not only on domestic but also on international scale. Make sure that for potential customers is a first impression about your organization.

If you would like an audit of your existing industrial website or prototype of how your new website can look like, request for it free.


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