Milk Road Kft Website

Development of new industrial website for Milk Road Kft, a young company that focuses on distribution of premium dairy products from Europe

Budapest, Hungary
October 2020
Strategy, WEB, SEO

IDM made impossible by bringing us in TOP 5 google search results for our main products competing with big brands.

Nicola Gargiulo
CEO at Milk Road Kft


Milk Road Kft sells dairy products internationally to b2b suppliers. This was the main problem as company must compete with b2c companies for searches like butter. cheese, milk, etc. B2C companies have 10 times bigger budgets and traffic making it impossible for small b2b companies to compete.


IDM team has focused on narrow search queries and integrated keywords into website content across the most important pages.


After 6 months of SEO Development, Milk Road Kft is in TOP 5 google searches for required products. In addition, website has a clean modern design with smooth interactions. Site everyday receives interesting traffic and new leads.


SEO score achieved
We have increased SEO site checkup score from to 90/100. In addition, we optimized website for better loading time and search performance.


Increase monthly website traffic
We have increased website traffic significantly, +1000 unique visitors a month. Users spend more than 1.5 minute avergae on new web pages.


Increase in generated leads
Today, more than 30 potential customers every month leave their contact details while visiting the website helping sales team to work with already warm prospects.

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